Diversity In Design
Seminar Goals

To explore the role of diversity in contemporary design practices, production and products in the USA as well as the globally. To investigate the impact one's own ethnic and cultural upbringing has had on one's design sensibility, perception and execution. To fulfill the UM-TC requirement of teaching diversity in Grad Programs.

Studio Project

Phase One: Research- Non Euro-American design perspective of thesis research area. Written design brief and Proposal. 20% of final grade.

Phase Two: Development- Visual Proposal showing development with Thumbnails, Roughs and Comps. 20% of final grade.

Phase Three: Production- create a proposal for a visual design prototype reflective of your exploration and findings. Due finals week in the form of hard copy and digital, as leave-behind for professor. 40% of final grade.


Participation and attendance- 20% of final grade.

Seminar Selected Readings (subject to change)

A Different Mirror: a history of multicultural America- Ronal Takaki
Shopping for Identity: the marketing of ethnicity- Marilyn Halter
Design for Society- Nigel Whitely
Design Without Boundaries: visual communications in transition- Rick Poynor
Design Culture- Steven Heller and Marie Finamore
Selected readings as suggested by MFA candidates