Course Goals

The aim of this class is to prepare and ready you to enter the professional
graphic design world.

The model for this class will be a real world design studio setting, with classmates acting as your colleagues and myself as the Design Director.


1) Fulfill the basic requirements for an entry level portfolio in the area which you’d like to practice upon graduation
2) Participate in a collaborative, capstone design project for the “Public Good”
3) Gain a fuller understanding of the industry you are about to enter

Course Projects

Project 1: Portfolio= 45% of final grade

Prepare a professional portfolio for the area of specialty you would like to enter

Project 2: Personal Identity Packaging=10% of final grade

Design a memorable logo, letterhead, note card, envelope, business card, leave behind and resume that will attain entry to the career to which you aspire

Project 3: Group Capstone Project= 25%

You will work on a collaborative, capstone group project for inclusion in your final portfolio (as this is where the industry is heading, given the increasingly complex technological world we live in.)

These projects are to be content-driven. They are meant to examine and investigate your personal and professional role as a designer; to look into your social, professional and artistic responsibility as a citizen in civil society i.e. cultural, ecological, political, spiritual, economic, health, etc.

Project Managers will be appointed or nominated for each group. Other assignments will be determined first on a VOLUNTEER, then on an ASSIGNED basis, dependent on interest, ability, need, etc.

Ongoing: Readings, writings, presentations and discussions= 20% of final grade

The goal is to apprehend the fundamental practices of being a professional, practicing designer.

You will work in groups on leading discussions during the semester.


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